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Regular maintenance is needed to keep an irrigation system in good working order. We provide all the services you need to ensure optimal performance. Services can be selected individually or as a group package. Call today to discuss the details.


Spring Start Up

System start ups typically happen in the spring as the weather warms once again. We will contact you to set up a convenient time to meet at your home to get things running for the year, including:

  • Turning on the water and pressurizing the mainline

  • Programing the controller

  • Checking all zones for leaks and function

  • Adjusting all sprinkler spray patterns

  • Identifying any other issues or damage

This work will ensure your system is working with the highest efficiency giving you peace of mind for the start of the season.


System Checks

System Checks should occur throughout the growing season. An irrigation technician will run all of the zones of your system to check for any damage and to make any needed adjustments. Finally your controller will be reprogrammed to account for any seasonal changes or wet/dry issues found.


Fall Shut Down

Winter in central New York can come with a vengeance. The fall shut down prepares your irrigation system for the cold by preventing damage caused by freezing water. We will contact you to set up a time to winterize your system. This work includes the following:

  • Turning off the water

  • Blowing water from all zones using a high volume air compressor

  • Turning off the controller

This work will ensure your system is ready for a long winter without freezing damage so it is ready to be used at the start of spring.

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